Are existing products (bottles, cylinders) compatible with the new TERRA?

The TERRA Sparkling Water Maker comes with a slimline dishwasher-safe 1 L carbonating bottle.

The Terra can be used with both dishwasher-safe 1L plastic slimline carbonating bottle or non dishwasher safe 1L plastic slimline bottle, the 0.5L plastic carbonating bottle, and our regular 1L PET carbonating bottle.

Sparkle Note: The amount of water the bottle can hold for carbonation is less than the full bottle volume. Please see your user guide for more information.

You can only use the SodaStream Quick Connect Cylinder with the TERRA Sparkling Water Maker. The Screw-In system cylinders are not compatible with the TERRA.

You can exchange your existing cylinder for the new Quick Connect Cylinder at a retail location which carries the new Quick Connect Cylinder.